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This Week in Social Media

Sep 16, 2011   //   by Imogen Woodford   //   Blog  //  No Comments

This week has been all about big announcements and updates. Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube they’re all up to something new. So what exactly is going on, read the news below to find out more.

1. “Finally!” declares Danny Whatmough over at Social Media Today as Twitter reveal their new official analytics tool: Twitter Web Analytics. Why so much excitement? According to Lauren Dugan at All Twitter this means that website owners will now be able to gain greater insights into how much website content is being shared across the Twitter network, see the amount of traffic Twitter sends to your site and measure the effectiveness of your Tweet button. Measurement in a word – we all like to measure effectiveness and the door seems to be swinging wide open for us to get some facts and figures from Twitter. Stay tuned to find out when you are likely to access this brilliant new tool.

2. On Wednesday Google released the news on their official blog that +snippets are now available to Google+ users for Google Maps. You can share whatever you see on your screen, that could be directions, a specific location on a map or a general location. It’s a complete snapshot, +snippets has been available since August for Books, Offers and Product Search, maps is the latest feature to join.  All  you need to do is click on the Share button from the screen you are looking at and away you go. Google announced “We’ll be rolling out +snippets to many more Google products in the future” so watch this space. You can also read about +snippets at Mashable.

3. Facebook haven’t been standing still either. The talk this week has been about the new View Shares Link , the locked navigation toolbar but most importantly we have all been finding out about the new Subscribe Button. I highly recommend reading All Facebooks Complete Guide to the Facebook Subscribe button for the full details.  In a nut shell the button provides an option for users to receive the publicly visible updates published by non-friends, a summary provided by Inside Facebook which provides further information regarding this new feature.

4. It seems that Wednesday was a big day all over Social Media land because something else happened over at YouTube on that very day. John Gregg on the Official YouTube Blog announced a brilliant new addition which now enables us to edit our videos within YouTube. Previously you would need to have a shinny, finished version ready for uploading to the site but now you can make amendments and edits directly on the site. Wa- hey! To find out more about what sort of editing options you have visit the YouTube Blog.

5. If you are a blog follower then there is a new kid on the block that you might want to stop by and take a look at. Over at All Twitter there is a great post introducing us to the new Twitter Uk-Specific Blog , the first post was published on Wednesday and highlighted some of the most high-profile Twitter Accounts in the UK. Did you know that 40% of British MPs are on Twitter? I didn’t, I’m going to be following that blog for more juicy facts and figures!Twitter

6. Have you ever used SurveyMonkey? If you have you’ll know it’s a great tool for gathering feedback and asking general questions of clients and user groups. Imagine the power of SurveyMonkey harnessed and embedded in Facebook. You need imagine no more, it’s happened!  On Monday SurveyMonkey launched a new Facebook Page Tab Application, and everyone cheered. Catch up on all the details at Inside Facebook.

7. I seem to be sharing more and more with you about Klout these days. A new feature has been revealed this week which will allow us to search for influential voices in certain fields.  Brian Hernandez over at Mashable writes: “Only 5% of users have access to the new Topic Pages for now, but Klout — which calculates users’ social influence — will roll it out for all users within a few days.”  You can pop over to Mashable to find out more.

8. The Infographic this week works on many levels for me but above all else I love it’s title “Sharepocalypse“, created by summify but shared via All Twitter it’s an astonishing look at just how much information we are sharing and where it is all heading. In the spirit of BOGOF I also found the perfect blog this week “Daily Infographic” you can see me now can’t you grinning from ear to ear in contentment. Here is one all about pizza!

9. A documentary about Twitter is obviously a Twittamentary! Read all about it over at the Guardian.

10. This last find of the week has made me very happy: CubeSocial, a social profile discovery service. It provides you a way of  finding out what social networks your email contacts are using, essentially where they hang out online.  You can read all about it at Social Media Today and try it out for yourself, although small warning – you can have a free trial but there a subscription charge for the full service.

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