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This Information Overload Week in Social Media

Oct 14, 2011   //   by Imogen Woodford   //   Blog  //  No Comments

Is it just me or are you finding that there are now almost too many infographics to keep up with? There seemed to be facts, stats and information coming from all directions this week. For a great snapshot of where social media is at with the four big guys have a look at number 9 for infographics of the week. Oh and if you are thinking of creating your own infographics read this post from Smashing Magazine all about the Do’s and Don’ts of Inforgraphic Design. Aside from that the online communities have been getting used to the idea of a world without Steve Jobs.  Facebook have been pinging out all sorts of updates and new features whilst Twitter holds its nerve and continues to creep up quietly behind Facebook. The news has been fairly gloomy this week with continuous reports of dire economic circumstances and vast numbers of people unemployed. However, the sun is still shinning in social media land as it continues to evolve and adapt.

1. As the online world responded to the news of Steve Jobs sad passing all those amazingly creative people out there began to design and create inspiring digital memorials to the great man. This image on the left is an iconic one of Steve but if you look more closely you will see that it is made up of over one thousand different tweets all containing the hashtag #thankyousteve. Read the full story to get all the details and a link to the original image at All Twitter.  Across the web you will find so many accolades to Steve Jobs and a heartfelt recognition of everything he achieved, however I just wanted to share one post with you from Guy Kawasaki on what he learnt from Mr Jobs.

2. Despite reports that Facebook is losing users the statistics seem to be telling a story of constant and perpetual growth. Brian Solis shares on his blog that Facebook now has as many users as the entire internet did in 2004 and is now actually larger than Europe (including Russia) when it comes to numbers. So the lure of Facebook is still strong and is still attracting more and more users. Read all about it here.

3. On Thursday Google announced, on their official blog, the arrival of Google MapsGL. Apparently “Google MapsGL takes Google Maps and harnesses the power of Web Graphics Library (WebGL) to create far richer visuals and animations.” You can see the video below.  Essentially it means all the clever functionality now happens in the web browser avoiding the need for downloads. I am personally very excited about this new development and will be taking a step inside the map! Read more over a the Google blog.

4. Brand Republic reported late last week that YouTube was entering the UK Online film rental market. This is a service that was rolled out in the states in May, went to Canada last month and has now arrived in the UK. The Daily Mail picked up the story on Monday and shared further details. So we can now go and watch full length feature films on YouTube from £2.49 a movie.

5. It’s not often I share new sites with you but Pinterest - a virtual pin board is something that seems to be raising a significant amount of interest at the moment and I think is definitely worth a look. You can read Olivia Hayes review over at Ignite Social Media.

6. LinkedIn has launched Company sharing and lots of people have got very excited about this latest update from the professional networking site. Now Companys can share news and insights through a status update which brings it more in line with Facebook functionality. You can read a great post about this new feature over at Social Media Today or watch the video below.

7. I don’t get the point of Twitter – is a statement oft quoted when the subject of social media arises, clearly more and more people are “getting it” as the number of users continues to grow but for all those sceptics out there, here is a video just for you! Now without too much techy know how, using Twitter, you can get your coffee made! Oh the power of the Tweet-a-Pot! Find out more over at All Twitter.

8. If you have a Page on Facebook you will have noticed some changes taking place around the insights area and the sort of information being shared, perhaps you will have taken note of the conspicuous “People Talking About this” indicator, what does it all mean and what is going in? A brilliant infographic over at All Facebook explains all.

9. Indecisive moment of the week now… which infographic is the best? Impossible to answer so here are 2 infographics for you both courtesy of All Twitter. Which is your favourite Sharing Trends or Social Media Big Four?

10.Have you seen who recently joined Google+? Only the Dalai Lama and he has already planned and participated in a Hangout with Archbishop Desmond Tutu!  Mashable shared the news of his arrival on Google+ and you can watch the video proof below. I think it’s amazing how these world spiritual leaders are embracing new technology.



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