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Archive from February, 2012

This Peaceful Week in Social Media

Feb 24, 2012   //   by Imogen Woodford   //   Blog  //  No Comments

It has been relatively quiet in the world of social media this week. Perhaps everyone has been busy flipping pancakes and deciding what to give up for lent, or indeed take up like the Pope who is tweeting in 6 different languages once a day throughout lent. The Huffington Post even suggested giving up Social Media – what a thought! It’s nice to have a slower week now and then to process all the news and updates that have gone before. However, I do of course have 10 pieces of news to bring to your attention:

1. Earlier this week The Telegraph ran a story on their Technology Page sharing the news that Twitter hit 500 million registered users this week. This figure seems incredible next to previous figures that have been released through the official Twitter channels, we know that Twitter has seen rapid growth but this is still astounding. The figure has been predicted by Twopcharts, a third party Twitter analysis company and the figure represents all accounts not just active accounts. Still, I’m impressed!

2. The languages available on YouTube were extended by four this week, bringing the total to 58 according to a post on the official YouTube blog. The additional languages are those spoken in India and means that the video network that has been available in India since 2008 is now reaching a significant number of users in a familiar language.

Now you can navigate the site in Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam and Telugu, which are spoken by almost 200 million Indians.

3.  Do you use Facebook Insights on your Facebook Page? Have you ever noticed that it’s a little behind? Several other users have so much so that in demand to the quandry a new website has been launched: WhyisFacbookInsightsNotWorking.com as reported on TechCrunch this week. The site was set up by PageLever in response to the amount of enquiries they were receiving from clients. It provides a central point of information, and advises users to  share the news and Let Everyone Know!

4. Have you read about the Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights this week? If you have ever been concerned about what data is collected and shared about your use of the web then you will want to know more. Read all about it over at the BBC Site.

5. Now I’m often telling you about situations where I spy social media being used for social good and here is another brilliant example fresh from The Huffington Post.  The headline reads: “Social Media Such As Facebook And Twitter Could Save Rare Indigenous Languages” does it sound unlikely? Surely worth reading the post!

6. Flickr has a brand new exciting look new look which, according to Zoe Fox at Mashable, looks like Pinterest. Judge for yourself by checking out the new look shots over at Mashable.

7. If you are an Apple user you will have been made aware of the fact that something has been going on between Google and Safari which has apparently put Google in quite a predicament as they have been caught tracking user data. If you like me were wondering exactly what has been going on with this situation then you should definitely visit Mashable for a brilliant break down in a question and answer format.

8. There’s been a video doing the rounds this week that I wanted to share with you. It’s called Googlighting and has been created by Microsoft as a direct dig at Google. I found it over at TechCrunch and I like the question they raise, what will Google do in return? Watch this space.


9. The Infographic of the week combines Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs with social media tools to see how it all fits together – I think it’s very clever.

10. Britney Spears claims another Google+ victory, she is the first person to reach 2 million followers on Google’s social network. This surely demonstrates that Google+ has a wider following than the ultra technically minded, as is regularly suggested. You can read the full story at The Next Web where Jon Russell has worked out that:

Based on the timing, she’s been adding new followers at an impressive rate of close to 30,000 each day.








This Social Media Week

Feb 17, 2012   //   by Imogen Woodford   //   Blog  //  No Comments

I hope this week has been kind to you and that you are arriving at the weekend with a sense of achievement and excitement. This week has brought it with some tragic news as well as some frustrating news and indeed some happy news. So here are my 10 stories from the week that I want to share with you.

1. Did you know that it was Social Media Week this week? Have you been following the hashtag on Twitter #smw12? If not you might be wondering what it’s all about. For a full account you can visit the official Social Media Week site or watch the video below. The theme for the week was “Empowering Change Through Collaboration”, events have been held all around the world and it is a great opportunity for everyone to share their thoughts, stories and ideas. My favourite feature of the week was a realtime infographic displaying the live feed and data from Twitter. Robin Houngton wrote a post about Social Business after attending an event, you can read it at Social Media Today.

2.  The Facebook Timeline is slowly appearing in more and more Facebook accounts across the world, and still, if the polls are to be believed, enraging users as it goes. Now that people are getting used to it on their profile page the inevitable next question is can we expect this update to hit business pages too? The answer apparently is Yes!  According to All Facebook, beta tests of Timeline for business pages could be starting as soon as the 29th February 2012.  Inside Facebook has a very positive spin on this latest news and believes it could give Page owners more control over what are they are able to achieve.

3. We were all so shocked to hear of the untimely passing of superstar Whiteny Houston last weekend. However into the sadness of the whole event crept the news that the story broke first on twitter nearly an hour before the news was released in the main stream by the Associated Press. Journalists can’t be omnipresent but this situation supports the notion that news is often shared first through Twitter. For all the details, you can read the relevant post on All Twitter.

4. Earlier in the year I told you how Twitter were rolling out a new look and layout, for some it has been a long time coming but according to All Twitter everyone should now have access to the new Twitter. If you’re wondering where everything is or are feeling confused by the new look then this is a good post to read for a bit of guidance.

5. This week I have been delighted to see more of my friends, colleagues, and acquaintances taking the step and joining Pinterest. Somoene else rather famous also started pinning this week – Mark Zuckerberg is now a signed up member of Pinterest, I have been checking out his Boards and it seems that he and I have very similar food tastes and film tastes!  You can read more at Mashable.

6. If you’ve been travelling around the web for a while it is more than likely that you will have stumbled across TED at some point – a series of inspiring and insightful 19 minute talks about a variety of topics. On Valentines day TED released a new feature which allows you to access talks through key quotes, it is also really straightforward to share the talks via social media networks. Definitely worth checking out all the information at Mashable.

7. If you logged onto Google on the 14th February you will have come across a gorgeous Google doodle.  If you clicked on the image you would have been able to watch a short animation highlighting that Google can’t solve everything!  You can read about the making of the Doodle over at TechCrunch or watch it below.

8. All Facebook shared a post this week about how the USA want to ban users from using Facebook while driving. It seems puzzling to me that they can, but there we go. Head over to All Facebook for the full story.

9. I can’t tell you how much I love the Infographic of the week, it is all about Google+. Now I believe that Google+ is definitely the way to go and I am waiting for friends and family to agree. The Infographic is a breakdown of facts and figures surrounding Google+, the UK is currently the fourth country in the top 10 can you guess who is ahead of us?

Image maxwellreyes.net

10. I love this image of Adele cradling all her Grammy awards last weekend, she received six in all. What a magnificent achievement! Mashable shared the news earlier this week that following her 6th award she was igniting up to 10,000 tweets per second, that’s per second – astounding!


This Don’t-tell anyone-anything-week in social media

Feb 10, 2012   //   by Imogen Woodford   //   Blog  //  No Comments

Have you had a good week? It’s been a cold week here in the South West and it seems that a big freeze is moving into Twitter too if the announcements this week are anything to go by. However, other areas of social media are warming up nicely, yes, I will be talking about Pinterest AGAIN! I have to, if I am to truly reflect the state of social media this week but Yes – I do love it just a little bit!  So, here they are, 10 social media stories from the week.

1. Early in the week, news broke that Sky was clamping down on its use of Twitter, which was followed later in the week by news that the BBC was following suit. The essence of the story seems to me that Sky want to regain control and have a uniform approach over all their news channels and it would seem that sometimes Twitter wasn’t matching up with other broadcast channels. An email was sent to staff outlining the new social media guidelines reported via The Guardian:

The email said: “1. Don’t tweet when it’s someone else [sic] story. Stick to your own beat. 2. Always pass breaking news lines to the news desk before posting them on social media networks.”

The BBC is also trying to get a handle on how its journalists are using Twitter and have issued their own updated guidelines ensuring all stories go through the newsroom first, which the use of Twitter can delay. You can read all about it at The Guardian.  Jonathan Haynes writes a brilliant post summing up his thoughts on these new guidelines.

2. Meanwhile back at the popularity ratings Google has shot past Facebook to be given the prestigious title of Best Global Website of 2012, Facebook had previously held the crown. So, what does this mean and what are they rated on?  The researchers essentially grade the websites on how effective they are across the globe, taking account of the number of languages supported as well as their attention to location and culture. You can find out all about the results over at ZDNet.

3. I have been hearing murmurings for a while around the web that Facebook growth is slowing up, and although the social network saw a slump in the last quarter of 2011 compared with the previous quarter, it is still set to reach a billion users at some point in the near future according to analysts. Is the Facebook Timeline one change too many? According to a survey carried out at the end of January 77% of people polled disliked the new Facebook Timeline and it has certainly been my experience that users are aggrieved at yet another enforced change. Yet, we still use it. It seems to me that Facebook have their sights set on China next, but you can read more about this story over at Mercury News.

4. The Next Web shared an interesting story earlier in the week about how Japan is investigating how it might use Social Media to stimulate tourism. Japan, as a nation, had an unbelievably tough year in 2011 and visitor numbers are down 50%, I think it is an innovative decision to engage with top social media experts to harness the power that is in the social realm. We’ll watch this space and see what emerges.

5. Yesterday we heard from LinkedIn that they have now hit 150 million users, which is an increase of 20 million since November. In their blog, this week, LinkedIn announced that they now support https for our browsing experience. At the moment it’s an opt in feature but you can find out how to initialise it over at the LinkedIn Blog.

6. This week has seen another deluge of pro-pinterest blog posts. I have been making greater user of it this week too and continue to spread the word. Here are a couple of posts I wanted to point you in the direction of just in case you are still wondering do I really need to join ANOTHER network?

Pintertest drives more traffic than LinkedIn and Google+

Pinterest’s very rapid growth  

Why Pinterest will be bigger than Twitter

7. In their blog this week Google shared news about the new bar that is coming to all Google accounts, and I have to say it’s worth having a look at so you know what to expect.

8. Happy Birthday Facebook! Yes, earlier this week the Social Network was celebrating 8 years of connecting us up and reducing our degrees of seperation. You can read all about it over at All Facebook.

9. Do you remember email? It’s what we used prior to social media, actually most of us do still use it and the Infographic this week takes a look at The Truth about Email. It is fascinating to see just how much of our time is spent responding to email and just how many messages we deal with in an average day.

10. Finally, I’m sure you couldn’t help but notice that the Queen was marking a rather significant achievement this week – 60 years on the throne! It was wonderful to see her official Facebook Page really active at this time and embracing the spirit of the age. You can read more over at All Facebook. Have you applied for your tickets to the Diamond Jubilee Concert? There’s still time.

The Week we all waited for The Announcement in Social Media

Feb 3, 2012   //   by Imogen Woodford   //   Blog  //  No Comments

This week in social media has been hijacked by one major news story – Facebook IPO. If, like me, you spent the majority of the week wondering what IPO stands for, it is: Initial Public Offering. Google+ reached 100 million users this week, which is a 10% growth in 2 weeks, a triumph for Google. Have you arrived at Google+ yet? So read on for the news that I think counts this week – feel free to add your own stories in the comments if you think I’ve missed something vital.

1. It started on Monday morning and just carried on and on through all the major social media news channels. The BBC shared the news on Sunday. So, it was almost a relief when Facebook filed papers for an Initial Public Offering on Wednesday. As the Huffington Post declares we knew Facebook was big but did we know it was THAT big?

Facebook seeks to raise $5 billion in an IPO that looks likely to be the largest by a web company since Google in 2004 and could place the social network’s value as high as $75 billion to $100 billion.

To catch a glimpse of reactions to this breaking news you can visit All Facebook.

2. Twitter has begun to roll out branded pages for more companies. News of the branded presence first broke in December when advertisers were given access to these enhanced features. Mashable reported this week that:

Twitter has extended the platform to National Public Radio, NBC News, Volkswagen, The Huffington Post, Al Jazeera, Anobii and others.

Next time you are on Twitter have a look at one of these examples, they really do stand out.

3. Censorship has been a much debated issue in social media this week as the news settles in that Twitter will be withholding Tweets on a country by country basis. Although the policy hasn’t been implemented yet already the move has received positive recognition from China and Thailand. However not everyone was happy and furious at the whole concept of censorship two hashtags emerged where people could vent their concerns #twittercensorship and #twitterblackout. The Guardian has more news on the backlash. You can read more about what this means over at All Twitter.  At the same time Google have very quietly been looking at their own country specific  censorship with blogger, read more at Mashable.

4. You may have heard news about YouTube’s development of channels over the past couple of months. This week Mashable spoke with the YouTube CEO – Salar Kamangar, it’s an interesting summary of where broadcasting is headed, worth a moment of your time to read through.

5. In their weekly round up of news Social Media Examiner revealed that Google+ now allows nicknames. Something that has been long requested. To add a nickname to your account edit your profile on Google+ and click on your name, select More options and you can update your name.

6. If you are feeling fed up at having to switch over to Timeline on Facebook, then here’s a silver lining. You can now make a movie of your Timeline. Hurrah I hear you cry, read more over at All Facebook. Or go and visit Time Line Movie Maker.

7. Last week I told you that President Obama was holding his first Google+ hangout if you want to find out how he got on  then check out the Mashable post or watch for yourself below.

8. This week I want to share a new app that I have stumbled across via the Life Hacker blog. The app is called “Unofficial Google Image Search by Drawing” and the clue is really in the name. When looking for images on-line sometimes words are not enough so why not draw what you are looking for?  You can then base your search on the image you have created.

9.Unfortunately not everyone uses social media to boost and encourage others some use it to vent their frustration or grievance at organisations and companies. The infographic of the week looks at how  Brands are responding to negative social media. The key message I would take is have a plan and deal with it quickly.

10. Now, just for fun, because it is Friday, a brilliant video from the recruiting team at Twitter. You can read the story surrounding it at All Twitter  or watch the video below.