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This Peaceful Week in Social Media

Feb 24, 2012   //   by Imogen Woodford   //   Blog  //  No Comments

It has been relatively quiet in the world of social media this week. Perhaps everyone has been busy flipping pancakes and deciding what to give up for lent, or indeed take up like the Pope who is tweeting in 6 different languages once a day throughout lent. The Huffington Post even suggested giving up Social Media – what a thought! It’s nice to have a slower week now and then to process all the news and updates that have gone before. However, I do of course have 10 pieces of news to bring to your attention:

1. Earlier this week The Telegraph ran a story on their Technology Page sharing the news that Twitter hit 500 million registered users this week. This figure seems incredible next to previous figures that have been released through the official Twitter channels, we know that Twitter has seen rapid growth but this is still astounding. The figure has been predicted by Twopcharts, a third party Twitter analysis company and the figure represents all accounts not just active accounts. Still, I’m impressed!

2. The languages available on YouTube were extended by four this week, bringing the total to 58 according to a post on the official YouTube blog. The additional languages are those spoken in India and means that the video network that has been available in India since 2008 is now reaching a significant number of users in a familiar language.

Now you can navigate the site in Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam and Telugu, which are spoken by almost 200 million Indians.

3.  Do you use Facebook Insights on your Facebook Page? Have you ever noticed that it’s a little behind? Several other users have so much so that in demand to the quandry a new website has been launched: WhyisFacbookInsightsNotWorking.com as reported on TechCrunch this week. The site was set up by PageLever in response to the amount of enquiries they were receiving from clients. It provides a central point of information, and advises users to  share the news and Let Everyone Know!

4. Have you read about the Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights this week? If you have ever been concerned about what data is collected and shared about your use of the web then you will want to know more. Read all about it over at the BBC Site.

5. Now I’m often telling you about situations where I spy social media being used for social good and here is another brilliant example fresh from The Huffington Post.  The headline reads: “Social Media Such As Facebook And Twitter Could Save Rare Indigenous Languages” does it sound unlikely? Surely worth reading the post!

6. Flickr has a brand new exciting look new look which, according to Zoe Fox at Mashable, looks like Pinterest. Judge for yourself by checking out the new look shots over at Mashable.

7. If you are an Apple user you will have been made aware of the fact that something has been going on between Google and Safari which has apparently put Google in quite a predicament as they have been caught tracking user data. If you like me were wondering exactly what has been going on with this situation then you should definitely visit Mashable for a brilliant break down in a question and answer format.

8. There’s been a video doing the rounds this week that I wanted to share with you. It’s called Googlighting and has been created by Microsoft as a direct dig at Google. I found it over at TechCrunch and I like the question they raise, what will Google do in return? Watch this space.


9. The Infographic of the week combines Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs with social media tools to see how it all fits together – I think it’s very clever.

10. Britney Spears claims another Google+ victory, she is the first person to reach 2 million followers on Google’s social network. This surely demonstrates that Google+ has a wider following than the ultra technically minded, as is regularly suggested. You can read the full story at The Next Web where Jon Russell has worked out that:

Based on the timing, she’s been adding new followers at an impressive rate of close to 30,000 each day.








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