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Another Facebook Fortnight and other Social Media News

May 18, 2012   //   by Imogen Woodford   //   Blog  //  No Comments

Another fortnight has sped by and so it is time to have a look at what is going on in the world of social media. Now this day has been much anticipated, I can’t think why, something to do with Facebook I think, you can find out more below. Facebook will feature a lot in this post, however there is other news to share.

1. Facebook Shares Now Available

Yes, it’s true, the day has finally arrived when you can buy your Facebook shares. The much discussed figure placed on the value of Facebook has settled at over $100 billion. That’s a huge amount of money but you can have a slice of that for just £24 a share.You can read more on the BBC Site.  This story has hit all the main news channels so I would be very surprised if you hadn’t heard anything about this. You can watch a live stream from Reuters to see how the day progresses.

The bigger questions are really probing what does this mean for Facebook and how do you place such a large value on such a business?

2. Twitter says No to Tracking

How would you like it if Twitter pre empted what and who you might like to connect up with based on your online behaviour? It sounds quite appealing until you think a little deeper into it and really think about what this may entail. On Thursday Twitter made the promise that, unlike other major social networks, they will be supporting the “Do Not Track” standardised privacy initiative. You can read all about it on the Guardian site.

3.Olympic Social Media Guidelines

Have you heard? London is hosting the Olympics this year!  I’m sure you’re vaguely aware of this news, you may have caught a whiff of it as you go about your daily business. The more important question is do you know what you are permitted to tweet and what you mustn’t share? I suggest you read these guidelines so you are up to speed.  You will also be aware that the torch is about to set off on the relay around  the UK, you can keep up with its progress here or follow @TheTorch2012 on Twitter.

4. Google Launches Hangouts On Air

Have you been hanging out on Google+ yet? It’s a great feature that enables you to talk live through video link up. Well it all just got a lot better as you can now broadcast your hangouts live and record them at the same time as YouTube videos. Fantastic! To make sense of what this all means read the post on the Google blog or watch the video below.

5. LinkedIn Redesign their News Sharing Facility

LinkedIn functions brilliantly as a networking space and a tool for maintaining professional connections, but few users rarely go beyond the surface  and discover the many other features that are available. On their blog, earlier this week, LinkedIn shared the news that they have been redesigning the “Today” feature which is  their social news product. Make time to read this post and get to grips with all that LinkedIn has for you as a user.

6. Facebook Policy Hub

Wouldn’t it be useful if Facebook had all their terms and policies in one place? Good news – they now have! In an attempt to remove some of the confusion from the constantly updating policies Facebook have launched a new hub with the strap line “Everything you need to know all in one place!” You can read about it at All Facebook.

7. Congratulations to Twitter, the social networking site has recently hit 10 million Uk users. What a immense achievement. You can read all about it over at the Guardian.

8. Google Offers Free for a Limited Time

WebProNews shared news last week of what Goggle has been up to with Offers on Google Maps.

The updated version of Google Maps now contains Google Offers that can be redeemed by customers at the retail locations they search for. What was not made totally clear at the time is that Google is now allowing business owners to create Google Offers for Free, during a limited-time trial period.

Google offers are apparently similar to Facebook offers but you can view the process involved on the video below:


9. The Infographic of the Week

Every now and then a real gem of an infographic comes along and you know it’s going to be figuring very substantially in every talk and training session you run for the next couple of months. This is such an infographic as it provides an up to date look at the numbers and demographics of the major social networks. I love it!

10. Too Much Information

Now here is a modern day tale which provides us all with a lesson in over sharing on Twitter and the consequences of such behaviour! All Twitter brought this story to my attention, it’s all about a CFO – Gene Morphis who was removed from his position because his tweets were deemed improper!

On Monday, Morphis was unceremoniously let go of his position – which had netted him $1.2 million in 2010 and $566,000 in 2011 – because he “improperly communicated company information through social media” while sending out his 140-character thoughts.

Moral of the story – Think before you Tweet!