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A Fortnight with Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media Wonders

May 4, 2012   //   by Imogen Woodford   //   Blog  //  No Comments

I hope that the last two weeks have been kind to you all, I know the rain has got us all a bit fed up at times but the world of social media is always sunny and bright – well mostly! Here is our fortnightly frolic through all things social- it’s been a busy time for Facebook but other networks have had their fair share of activity. Oh and don’t forget Social Media Day 2012 is coming up soon – Saturday 30th June, you might want to think about how you can join. I will leave you to ponder on that as I update you on ten news items that I think you should know about:

1. Facebook Organ Donation

Earlier this week Facebook announced a new feature on the Timeline. You are now able to share with all your friends that you are an organ donor. This option has arisen out of a conversation Zuckerberg had with his girlfriend, who happens to be a medical student. The idea is of course that we share so  many details of our life on Facebook and it is a great place to raise awareness of different campaigns. There have been many discussions on certain sites exploring the notion that this is a step too far and Facebook really are collecting too much information about us. You can make your own mind up about that dilemma, in the meantime below is a video showing you how to add this information to your timeline.

2. LinkedIn buys Slideshare

Slideshare is a fantastic site for sharing any sort of slideshow and has become known as the YouTube for slideshows. The news broke this week that LinkedIn have now acquired Slideshare for $119 million you can read the full story at Mashable or get the news straight from the horses mouth over at the LinkedIn blog or in the spirit of the occasion you can watch a Slideshare presentation.

3. Live Twitter Advertisment

Breaking new ground on Twitter last weekend was a movie trailer for Promethus. All Twitter reported that for the first time tweets would be aired as part of the advertising campaign, Lauren Dugan shared the following information:

According to MediaWeek, Channel 4 will air the Prometheus trailer during the first commercial break of “Homeland” on Sunday April 29th.

Between the airing of the trailer and the second commercial break, viewers will be asked to share their thoughts on Twitter using the hashtag #areyouseeingthis.

During the second commercial break, select tweets will be aired live in a 40 second spot to support the trailer.

4. Facebook Real-Time Page Insights

Back in February Facebook announced that we could expect to see further enhancements and developments to Page Insights, well now they have taken effect we are in a better position to try and make sense of all the data we now have available as page administrators. Read this post by All Facebook to work it all out.

5. Twitter Update the Discover Tab

When in Twitter you probably spend the majority of your time on the Home tab reading tweets but then you probably wander over to the Connect tab to see what activity is going on but have you ever fully explored the Discover tab? If not, I suggest you have a look. This is the place to discover what is going on around Twitter and has recently undergone redevelopment to make it more relevant and personal to your interests, just like Google. read more over at All Twitter. Social Media Today looks more closely into this customisation and what it means.

6. Pinterest goes Pinternational

You know me by now, and how much I adore Pinterest, yes I really, really, really do, along with a large percentage of the female population. The company is now changing gear as it prepares to go global. Sonia Paul reported over at Mashable how Pinterest could be available in a number of different languages in the near future:

The photo-centric website announced in a blog post that it’s looking for translators in French, German, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish. Though Pinterest a visual-based site, the company said translators are now necessary to make the website truly global:

“At Pinterest, we’ve always wanted to make it easy for people all over the world to organize and share all the beautiful things they find on the web. We want to take another step towards making this vision a reality by translating Pinterest into other languages.”

7. Google launch Automatic Message Translation and Google Drive

So what has Google been up to recently? Automatic translation apparently for your email. You can read all about it over at Mashable. There’s also Google Drive which you can read about at the Google blog or watch the video below.

8. Free Virus Software from Facebook

Just over ten days ago I read a very interesting post over on Security News Daily all about Facebook emerging as a Knight in shinning armour in the anti virus arena. We all need to be protected and it can get expensive keeping ourselves safe online so apparently the altruistic Facebook is prepared to help out.

9. Social Media for Marketers Infographic

The Infographic of the fortnight is one you need to print out and paper your office walls with – it is a one stop reference point for social media tools and their function within the marketing realm. I cannot recommend it enough.

10. A Tweet too far

Twitter has great worth for spreading good news and inspiring stories but what happens when news leaks out that quite frankly has no place on Twitter. I am thinking particularly of a rather important visit that happened this week – Obama’s visit to Afghanistan – not something you really want announced. However twitter eyes were watching and his cover came very close to being blown! Read all about it at Mashable.

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