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Archive from June, 2012

This Fumbling Fortnight in Social Media

Jun 29, 2012   //   by Imogen Woodford   //   Blog  //  1 Comment

I seem to have spent a significant amount of time over the last couple of weeks waiting, scratching my head and asking “Is it just me?” It turns out it wasn’t just me! LinkedIn has been removing some of my favourite features without any communication or reasoning, parts of pages have been disappearing on Facebook and Twitter completely collapsed for a while last week. This is when the social media community really come into their own and I am so grateful for all the blog posts others write to keep us informed and up to speed with all these updates and changes. I also met The LinkedIn Man this week which was a wonderful treat but more of that in another post at another time! Here we are 10 pieces of news worthy of your attention:

1. Naughty Facebook!

Naughty FacebookDo you remember back in April Facebook shared the news that they would be replacing all email addresses on users accounts with an @facebook email? No? Judging by the response of Facebook users this week, when the change was actioned, not many users remember this news and they are not happy about it to say the very least. Facebook have defended their decision using the word “consistent” a lot, whilst information is spreading across the web on how to put your email back to what it was. Read more over at the BBC  where you can find out how to revert your email address and for further commentary and thoughts you can visit All Facebook.

2. Google+ Celebrates First Birthday

This week Google has been marking its first anniversary. Congratualtions Google+! This has triggered a series of thought provoking posts about Google+ most of which are positive and commend Google+ as a social network that it is definitely worth joining: Jeff Bullas, whereas others are still waiting for something to happen: marketing pilgrim and Mashable.  What are your thoughts on Google+ a year on? If I’m really honest, I’m still a bit lonely there, it’s very quiet and although I recognise it’s brilliant for search and SEO I still want to have a bit more fun and interaction, so if you are on Google+ please come and introduce yourself and say “Hi”.

3. Twitter Goes Down and Leaves a Hole

Last Thursday Twitter went down for over an hour, this is the first time in over 6 months that the social network has had an outage like this. You can read about the technical details at Mashable. What has really surprised me is the reaction of users, I thought I was a pretty prolific user of Twitter but there are clearly many more who completely rely on it and they found themselves completely lost when it went down. I mean completely lost!  Fear not, if it should happen again Lauren at All Twitter has written a handy list of 25 things you can do if Twitter goes down.

4. Facebook does a Uturn

Last weekend there was a lot of chat about a new Facebook feature called “Find Friends Nearby” which quickly became known at the “Stalking App!” Just as interest was mounting about this new functionality it was removed from Facebook. You can read about it at the Daily Mail. All you need to know really is that it came, there was major panic, and it went.

5. Google tries to save languages

This is happily becoming a regular spot, looking at social media for social good. So this fortnight the focus is on the Endangered Languages Project which Google is taking a significant role in. Watch the video below to find out more or visit Mashable.

6. LinkedIn Faces a Lawsuit

You will remember in my last round up of news that I told you LinkedIn had encountered a serious security breach, fortunately everyone scrambled on to change their password and there seemed to be no major ill effects. However Katie Szpyrka from Illinois feels that what happened at the beginning of this month was not acceptable and as such is bringing a $5 million lawsuit against LinkedIn. Read more over at Digital Trends.

7. Youtube joins Pinterest

Every now and then I give you an update on what’s happening over on Pinterest, last week they had a new business sign up – YouTube. Their boards are brilliant I recommend you go and check them out, read all about it on the YouTube blog.

8. Facebook allows Edits to Comments and I get Excited!

Imagine being able to edit a status update on Facebook after you have posted it!  Oh wonder, oh joy, how incredible that would be. Unfortunately that hasn’t happened YET but I feel that we are now one step nearer as you can now edit comments you make on other peoples posts. Inch by inch, bit by bit we are getting nearer, read all about it at Mashable.

9. Infographic of the Fortnight

This is one of those jaw-dropping infographics, when you just have to poke someone nearby and share it with them as you exclaim – really! All that is really happening every 60 seconds on line? Yes, apparently so. This infographic comes via Mashable and is pretty impressive!

60 Seconds Online

10. Matt’s Back

I loved him the first time, but now he’s back again the sequel is even more sublime! You may remember Matt Harding from 2008 when he literally danced his way around the world. He’s back again and even more brilliant, I think you’ll agree that this is video that can’t help but make you smile on a Friday afternoon! Read more at Mashable.





This Fractious Fortnight in Social Media

Jun 15, 2012   //   by Imogen Woodford   //   Blog  //  No Comments

We are now well and truly into June and it’s all been a bit damp and disappointing so far. The Jubilee celebrations brought some light relief and the Olympic Torch is still delivering joy and delight as it travels around the country but I’m sure that we are all ready for some constant sunshine and a barbecue. I have brought some sun glasses and sun cream so I’m all ready! This past fortnight has brought with it some major social media news so pay attention to the following items and take the necessary action.

1. LinkedIn is Hacked

LinkedIn HackedLast Wednesday (6th June) just as we were recovering from the jubilee celebrations,  a Russian hacker was busy stealing over 6.5 million LinkedIn passwords. These passwords were then posted online (without the accompanying emails or usernames). This caused great concern, understandably, but then great hilarity as we found out what people were using as their passwords. Social media Today took a look at some examples and also provided a link for you check the strength of your password. The LinkedIn blog did a great job of keeping us informed of what was happening and what action we should be taking, the key message being – change your password! We were also kept up to speed with all the extra security that was now in place.  As you can imagine there has been a lot of comment and criticism around the web the New York Times was particularly unimpressed. For further thoughts on this situation you can look at the Firebelly’s top 5 must reads on this subject.

 2. Facebook App Center launched

Facebook App CenterDo you use apps on Facebook? If so, you will probably be aware that there has, in recent times, been no central location where you can go to browse through the available applications that exist within the social network. That is all about to change! Facebook have launched the new app centre in the U.S. and it will be rolled out to further countries in the coming weeks. You can read more at All Facebook or if you prefer the BBC.

3.Google Places Merges with Google+

Over the last few years small businesses have been encouraged to claim their place on the map using Google Places, this has proved brilliant for SEO and Google search. Last week Google announced that Places are now being phased out to be replaced with Google+. If you are already on Google+ you may have noticed an additional Local Tab on your left hand sidebar. Jason Wells from ContactPoint has written an informative post about this development accompanied with clear instructions and guidance on what to do next. He claims: “Literally, if you do not have a Google+ page you will not exist in Google search.” I have also found this information really helpful.

4. Facebook for under 13s

At the moment children under the age of 13 are not permitted to have their own Facebook Account. As a parent this pleases me enormously, however it appears that this is all about to change. Despite the age restriction it seems that children are still accessing Facebook by lying about their age, with their parents consent, so Facebook are looking to bring in a child’s account which is overseen by an adult. Find out more at the BBC site.

5. World Map of Social Media

Social Media Map

In his most recent edition of the world map of social media, Vincenzo Cosenza  (social media strategist) has discovered that Facebook is still top of the pops across the world. For a greater breakdown and further information visit All Twitter.

6. Hangout meets YouTube

How are you getting on with Google+? Have you hung out yet? If so you may be pleased to hear about the YouTube app that is available in Google+ Hangout. Once you have set up a Hangout you can activate the app then create, control, save and share playlists of videos with your friends. Read more at the official YouTube blog.

7. Twitter has a New Logo

Have you noticed that the Twitter Bird has lifted its head a little? The logo has been updated and you can read all about it at All Twitter. The post also includes guidelines on how the logo may be used.

 8. @Sweden Crazy or Ingenious?

This story is all about the official twitter feed from Sweden being managed by average everyday Swedish citizens taking on the role of Twitter spokeperson for their country seven days at a time. I first read about this @Sweden experiment at the New York Times, and reserved judgement until I had actually seen it and read the tweets. The English is sometimes questionable and the content eye brow raising at times but I do like the idea and concept of it, so do the fine people at All Twitter who consider it be anything but a failure. Sonja is at the reins currently so go and have a look and make up your own mind about this social media experiment.

9. Infographic of the Week

I have to confess that the main criteria for choosing this inforgraphic of the week was that it was so gorgeous and appealing to the eye. It’s all about Pinterest and takes a deeper look into the lives of Pinterest users.

10. The Social Jubilee

What did you do to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee? Did you join in with one of the 9500 street parties? Maybe you were one of the 1.2 million people lining the river Thames as the flotilla passed by. The numbers below were taken from the Guardian.

The Guardian also took a  look at where the most tweets were coming from and created this rather fantatsic video with the results:


This Fantastic Fortnight in Social Media

Jun 1, 2012   //   by Imogen Woodford   //   Blog  //  No Comments

It has been an action packed fortnight since I was last here sharing the news round up with you. We have had the Olympic Torch being carried through the streets of Bath, the fringe festival has launched, the music festival is about to go live and then there’s something about a Jubilee celebration! We have also been busy at Social-i with new projects and plans, I feel like I’ve forgotten what day it is! So, what has been happening in social media land? Let’s have a look at 10 pieces of news that are worthy of your attention.

1. Jubilee Weekend

I couldn’t write this post without alluding to the Jubilee in some way. I am sure you have your weekend completely planned and sorted but in case you’re still wondering what exactly is going on when then you might want to check out the Jubilee Pageant. You can also find out which streets are closed for parties, there may be one near you that you can join in with. I liked this piece in the Guardian that compare life today with life 60 years ago. If you’ve not yet heard the Jubilee song you can listen and watch below.

2. News from Google Goggles

Google launched it’s project Google Goggles back in April and since then have been tested by Sergey Brin.  Mashable shared this week:

 In addition to taking pictures and video, the glasses can perform many tasks performed by a smartphone. For example, while wearing the glasses, you would be able to see weather forecasts and what’s on your calendar for the day, as well as send text messages and emails to friends and family — all projected right before your eyes.

A number of photographers were permitted to try them out last week, see how they got on at Web Pro News.

3. Facebook Allow Scheduling

Yesterday you may have noticed additional functionality on your Facebook Page. Administrators of pages can now schedule messages up to 6 months in advance in 15 minute intervals. You have been able to schedule status updates through third party software but up until now the feature has been missing from Facebook, so this is a real boost. Watch out for the clock in the bottom left hand corner of your updates, read the instructions over at All Facebook to find out more. The other news on Facebook is that you can now control different levels of administrators on your Facebook Page, find out more at Mashable.

4. Twitter Speeds Up

Have you noticed that Twitter is loading faster and that the URL’s have been shortened. All Twitter have reported that Twitter Engineers have been working to make Twitter 5 times faster. I have certainly been aware of a smoother experience with Twitter.

5. Happy Birthday YouTube

YouTube shared their first video 7 years ago in May 2005. I personally have learnt to knit through YouTube as well as being entertained, amused and educated about a number of other items and events. The stats on how many hours of video are uploaded every minute are truly astounding! You can find out more on the YouTube blog and watch the video below to recall just how much has been achieved in that 7 year period.

6. Pinterest Driving Significant Traffic

I don’t think I’ve updated you on Pinterest lately so a mention is long over due! Socialmouths have recently posted some figures on Pinterests growth:

Pinterest is now the #3 most popular social network in the US over LinkedIn and that is also pretty impressive.

The crucial point made in this post is that Pinterest now generates more sales than the other networks.

7. Google Explores the World

The Google Blog shared news, earlier this week, on their World Wonders Project. Using the Street View technology you can now go and visit 132 historic sites from 18 countries. You can have a virtual trip to the iconic sites, see 3D Models, watch YouTube videos and discover more information. Watch the video below to find out more.

8. Moviemaker Timeline

Is your Facebook Timeline a movie just waiting to happen? Well wait no longer, the technology has been developed! All Facebook shared  a post about Timeline Movie Maker. We’ve got a long weekend for the Jubilee celebration, why not have a go at making one? You can see an example below:

9. Infographic Corner

The Infographic of the fortnight looks at the gender divide in social media, what are the differences in male and female behaviour online? Have a look.

10. Congratulations Mark and Priscilla

May was a big month for Mr Zuckerberg, not only did Facebook go public but he also married his partner of 9 yaers – Priscilla Chan. This is certainly going to be a year to remember! Congratulations to the happy couple!