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Social Media News and Information from this Month

Mar 22, 2013   //   by Imogen Woodford   //   Blog  //  No Comments

Well, you turn your back for 5 minutes and everything changes! These *ahem* past 3 weeks in social media land have seen nearly all the major networks make some signficant updates, this includes Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and YouTube. My head is spinning with all the changes. However spring has sprung and that is always a good time for a spring clean and a freshening up!

1.Google Reader is Shutting Down

This is the saddest news I have yet had to share with you. Google have announced that as from the 1st July Google Reader will cease to exist! I rely on Google reader so much and although the Google team claim that usage has dropped there are a lot of very sad users out here, so much so that a petition was set  up within hours of the news breaking. If you do regularly use Google reader and you are now looking out for a suitable alternative then feedly.com is making it very easy for us to switch across and take all our feeds with us, it is a very smooth process. Media Bistro is also suggesting that you use Twitter as an alternative, read how here.  Further alternatives are shared in this post and this post on Social Media Today. Good luck with finding an alternative.

2. Facebook Updates the News Feed

If you felt that your news feed on Facebook was getting a bit cluttered then you will be thrilled about the news that Facebook are rolling out a new look news feed with options for choosing what you see. This video explains it all:

You can read more about what to expect at All Facebook and if you want to join the waiting list for this new look the last video in this post will show you exactly what you need to do. If you are a marketer and want to know what this means for your Facebook Page then read this post at Hubspot.

3. Google+ Gets a New Look

If you have visited Google+ recently you may well have noticed that brand pages are looking a little bit different – much bigger images, a local reviews tab and a new look for the About Tab. Read about these changes over at Ignite Social Media. To see some examples of the new look this post will provide you some pictorial inspiration.

4. Twitter Turns 7!

This week we have been celebrating with Tiwtter as my most favourite social network reached seven years of age. The video below gives an outline of significant moments in Twitter history to date, the Guardain reflected on these key milestones with this post.

5. Pinterest Introduce Analytics

Pinterest are really going for it. Not only are we all able to update to the new look but for those among us with a verified website connected to our Pinterest account we now have access to analytics. This video will outline the new analytics feature and how to use it:

Jeff Bullas has outlined how this new tool can benefit your business.

6. LinkedIn Endorsements are proving Popular

How many endorsements do you think have been given on LinkedIn since the new feature was introduced six months ago? Would it surprise you to discover that 1 billion endorsements have been given? An incredible amount in a relatively short space of time, the lovely people at LinkedIn have created a brilliant infographic to break the information down.

7.Facebook Timeline

There are many references to Facebook in this post, largely because they have been so busy recently. Not only have we heard about changes  to the news feed but we can also look forward to a more customisable timeline. To find out more, visit All Facebook.

8. Your Facebook Likes reveal more than you know

We heard a lot last week in the news about what you may be giving away about yourself by what you choose to like on Facebook. Remco Janssen over at Social Media Today states:

In a Cambridge University research conducted in the US and published this week shows how much of your personal characteristics can be discovered through what you’ve liked on Facebook, and the results are compelling. The personal portraits that are painted from seemingly random information are creepily accurate, ranging from predictions about traits such as sexual orientation, to age, race and political affiliation. They can even correctly predict if your parents stayed together until your 21st birthday (or not) six out of ten times.  

9. Infographic of the Fortnight

This infographic has blown me away, it is interactive and so informative, you should create a direct link to this and refer back to it constantly, an essential resource in my mind!

10. Pi day

Were you celebrating on the 14th March? It is now largely becoming known as Pi day and we have seen some very creative images and ideas on social media, I love this picture. You can read all about it over at All Facebook.


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