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Social Media News and Updates from the past Fortnight

Apr 5, 2013   //   by Imogen Woodford   //   Blog  //  No Comments

It’s been a short week but also a strangely long week, maybe that is because all our metabolisms have slowed down with the amount of chocolate we have consumed or maybe it’s because we’ve all been waiting with huge anticipation to hear the big Facebook announcement, which finally happened yesterday! What was the big news? Find out in the first story below. Generally, it’s been fairly quite across the networks apart from Facebook, I think this whole blog post could actually be based on what has been happening in Facebook, but for the sake of variety there will be the usual round up from across the social media landscape. So, let’s see what’s been going on.

1. Facebook Home

The rumours have been circulating throughout this week, what is Facebook up to? Many were guessing that Mr Zuckerberg was about to reveal a Facebook phone. Not so, yesterday all was unveiled and you could even join in with the moment as it was broadcast live. The tagline that we are going to hear alot is: “Putting people first instead of Apps” a whole new way of using our android phones. So if it’s not a phone and it’s not an app, what exactly is it? I think this image from Mashable sums it all up brilliantly:

Facebook Home

Facebook Home

So what exactly does this mean? Lets head back to Mashable again for a clear explanation:

Facebook Home isn’t a new OS and it isn’t a fork of Android, instead it is a new home screen and app launcher interface for Android that gives your Facebook notifications, news feed posts and messages more integration with the overall phone experience.

There is also a video:

If you are keen to get your hands on it, depending on the phone you have, it will be available from April 12th.  For a more indepth look at what this phone actually means visit TechCrunch.

2. Tumblr 100 million

This week The Next Web reported that Tumblr has accumulated over 100 million blogs, and 50 million of those have been in the last year so the blogging platform is experiencing sustained growth. This is an incredible achievement and if you are interested in exploring the potential of this site Social Media Today have been running a series that explores the business benefits of the social media platform Tumblr, and how it can help your online marketing efforts.

3. Prefer the Facebook Old Timeline?

Whilst some of us are still waiting for the new look Timeline to hit our Facebook profile others are already deciding that it’s not for them. When you do get a glimpse of it, if you decide that it’s an update too far then you can revert back to the previous timeline by adding the Old Timeline extension to Chrome or Firefox you can follow the instructions at All Facebook.

4. Google Anaytics Goes Social

Last week Web Pro News announced that Google Analytics have added social reports to their repertoire of analysis, pop over there to find out all the details.

5. Facebook Cover Rules Are Updated

All sorts of updates and changes have been slipping in under the radar at Facebook recently, we know that the Timeline has been under discussion but what abpout the changes to the news feed and perhaps more importantly the new rules for the Cover Photo on your Facebook page? A jubilant Nicole Wyche over at Ignite Social Media talks us through the changes which means we can now use the Cover Photo for contact details, special offers and calls to action. The other major update is threaded comments which means that you can reply to comments on your page with a reply as opposed to a comment. Read all about it over at Facebook. For a general overview of all the changes that are happening read this great post by Mark Ragan.

6. The Vine Approach

How are you getting on with Vine? is your Twitter stream awash with all sorts of awesome 6 second videos? They are not everyone’s cup  of tea, Prince’s record company has reportedly asked for some Vines to be removed as they violate copyright rules.  So what are the pros and cons of using Vine? This post over at Ragan explores. If you are really into creating vines then you may get to the point where you want to embed them into your website then this post is going to be invaluable.

7. LinkedIn Testing a New Feature

Have you ever wanted to mention or refer to someone in an update on LinkedIn? I know I have, many times. Well the great news is that this feature is currently being tested on LinkedIn – hurrah! Hopefully we will see it arrive on LinkedIn in the very near future.

8. Social media marketing that works

Have you ever wondered what really works in social media marketing? A recent study will provide you with the answers, it revealed that blog posts are still the number one most effective social media marketing tactic. You can read about all the results over at All Twitter

 9. Infographic of the Fortnight

This fortnight the infographic is all about Twittter and tips on how to get started on this fabulous social network, oh and by the way it’s gorgeous!

10. April Fools Day on Social Media

I do love the creativity that people display when it comes to tricking others on April Fools Day. I did succumb to a trick myself this year, but more importantly what tricks were going on in social media land. Creative Ramblings has shared a good round up and Social Media Today have curated a list of the top 5!

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