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A Socially Organised 2014

Jan 6, 2014   //   by Imogen Woodford   //   Blog  //  No Comments

2014 Resolve

I used to be a big fan of new years resolutions, and would spend hours coming up with all sorts of plans for my year and what I’d be doing everyday, which to be honest, was exhausting!  Less and less people are making resolutions at the beginning of the year because, as we all know from our own experience, they are notoriously hard to stick to. However,  the idea of setting out some goals and plans at the start of a new year is very appealing, especially from a business perspective.

For many smaller businesses social media has been an area they are aware of and have begun to engage in but have yet to develop a clear plan or purpose for what to do next. In light of this I have spent some time pulling together ideas and resources to help you have a Socially Organised 2014, you can see the results on this Pinterest Board which I will continually add to. As part of this research I have read a lot of posts about staying on track with plans and the key features seem to follow this pattern:

Keep it Simple: This is absolutely vital and was always one of my biggest mistakes I would set myself huge enormous goals and lots of them, less is definitely more. Focus on what really matters and make is very specific. In social media circles businesses are often advised to be everywhere all the time, but I would say choose the networks that work for you and set yourself some goals for how you are going to use them effectively and consistently.

Be Accountable: If you tell someone about your plans and goals you are making yourself accountable, once shared there is a greater inclination and motivation for you to reach them. One of the greatest actions you can take for your business is to have a mentor, and a straight speaking, challenging mentor at that!

Step by Step: This is age old advice but is very wise advice, break bigger plans and goals down into small achievable steps and then add. The article about Positive Snowballs provides a really valuable insight into how effective this process is. Maintaining a strong social media presence is all about developing daily digital habits. Start gradually and build, you will be amazed at what you accomplish.

Balloon HatsIf you would value some support in achieving these three steps for your social media then why not enrol at the Social Media School which is starting later this month in central Bath. The school runs over 10 weeks and takes you through all the major social networks, looking at functionality, strategy and planning. You can attend all 10 sessions or choose the specific sessions that fit with your needs. The Social Media School will provide you with a great opportunity to be socially accountable whilst developing daily habits all under pinned with a plan! To find out more and to book your place click here.

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