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Social Media News and Updates from the Past Two Weeks

May 17, 2013   //   by Imogen Woodford   //   Blog  //  No Comments

The past two weeks have brought with them all sorts of new developments within social media, but to be honest it’s been all about Google this week; Google Glass, Evil Google, and new developments in Google+. You will be able to read all about it below. We have had some recent statistic updates and have seen some fantastic infographics, if you want to keep up to date with me outside of the bi-monthly blogposts then catch up with  me on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+. In the meantime, here is the news round up.

1. Google+ Gets a New Look

I logged onto Google+ this morning and was surprised to see a wonderful, shiny new user interface and I have to say I like it, I like it alot. If you haven’t had a look yet then do log on and check it out. A summary from Social Media Today sums up the new look:

Google+ is now image-centric much like the layouts of both Pinterest and Facebook and features a multi-column interface instead of a singular stream. Google+ will also now add related hashtags to posts and images.

You can see the new look in the video below:

You will also find that photo features have been updated as have Hangouts – see the video below:

2. Paid Channels come to YouTube

There have been all sorts of changes going on over at YouTube, channels have been updated and you can now add a welcome video and encourage others to subscribe so they don’t miss future videos. If you want to know how to make the most of these changes then you should have a look at this post over at The Wall. YouTube has also introduced paid channels for a select number of businesses – to be rolled out further in the coming weeks, you can read more over at Mashable.  Finally, as if that was not enough YouTube are offering a new channel gadget that allows consumers to buy your product from your YouTube page directly after watching the video about your product. You can read all about it over at Web Pro News.

3. Evil Google

Poor Google has had a rough week in the press, yesterday the MP Margaret Hodge accussed Google of “doing evil” and earlier in the week many were questioning the privacy issues surrounding Google Glass.  Engadget explores Google Glass in the video below so you can gain a better understanding of what it is all about:

Many are very worried about the privacy implications of this latest gadget and are calling on the government to ban it. You can read more at Web Pro News.

4. LinkedIn Celebrates 10 Years of Linking up Professionals

Last week LinkedIn celebrated with it’s 3,700 staff the major milestone of 10 years. Many do not realise that LinkedIn arrived before both Facebook and Twitter and plays a major role in connecting professionals across the globe.

5. Recent Statistics

It’s always a good idea to keep in touch with what is happening across the networks when it comes to stats, so here are the recent figures for the top 15 social networks across the world:

6. Astronauts on Twitter

If you were a loyal Twitter follower of the Canadian Space Agency Astronaut Chris Hadfield and are sad that you will no longer be able to tune into live tweets from space, then this post from All Twitter will light up your day as it provides a list of other astronauts on Twitter that you can follow. Social Media Today has taken a more contemplative look at the effect Chris had and what we can learn from his social media success.


I absolutely love this story for the way it demonstrates the power of social media. The video below sets the scene but look out for #fitchthehomeless on Twitter. It demonstrates that Brands really can’t control what others say about them online as Ragan explores.

8. Jailed for Tweets 

Some social media users tend to think that the social stratesphere is a separate world where responsbility and accountability don’t exist but every week we hear of stories where users are being asked to explain or defend their online actions. This week six have been send to prison in Bahrain for insulting tweets, read all about it over at Media Bistro.

9. Infographic of the Fortnight

I cannot get enough of potted histories and this infographic is a fine example of this genre: A Complete History of Social Media and the greatest thing about it is that it’s interactive!

10. Tweet Pee

Apps get better and better all the time, this week I found out about TweetPee, the clue is in the name, but essentially a sensor is attached to the baby’s nappy and when extra humidity is detected a tweet is sent to the parents account – time for a nappy change! Huggies have rolled this app out only in Brazil at the moment, you can watch the video below or read more over at All Twitter.


Social Media News and Updates from the past Fortnight

Feb 15, 2013   //   by Imogen Woodford   //   Blog  //  No Comments

There is always a sense of the morning after the night before on the 15th February, Valentines day seems to be eagerly awaited and then, like Christmas, it comes and goes! However, today has been bright and beautiful full of blue sky and promise and I  think everyone is all stocked up on love from yesterday as the world seemed to be full of happy people. As you can well imagine, all sorts of wonderful things took place on social media sites for Valentines day! More of that later, first of all… news from the social media world.

1. LinkedIn Congratulates Us 

Imogen LinkedIn News

Did you receive an email this week form LinkedIn letting you know how you rate in the grand scheme of things? I was informed earlier this week that I was in the top 5% of most viewed profiles, which I will confess for a short while really excited me but then I realised it was me and 10 million other people and it lost its shine a little bit at that point. Everyone has been talking about their emails this week and wondering what does it actually all mean? According to a LinkedIn rep (via Mashable) it means: 

The practical upside to being the top 1% or 5% is that we believe the more engaged you are on LinkedIn, the better you will be in the job that you currently have, and the better connected when you are seeking a new job.

You can also read further thoughts on this LinkedIn Marketing technique from Mike Alton at Social Media Today or  Diane Tuman at The Guardian

2. Twitter Search Updated 

If you have ever tried searching for a key word or subject in Twitter you will have noticed that the results only go back a week. Good news – this has all changed, now when you carry out a search you will have more results to look through, this is also good for your keyword tweets, although be aware that not all tweets are showing up but a selection of those with good engagement! Read more over at All Twitter for a more indepth look into this subject read Drew Olanoff’s post over at TechCrunch.

Twitter says:

As we roll this out over the coming days, the Tweets that you’ll see in search results represent a fairly small percentage of total Tweets ever sent. We look at a variety of types of engagement, like favorites, retweets and clicks, to determine which Tweets to show. We’ll be steadily increasing this percentage over time, and ultimately, aim to surface the best content for your query. For now, enjoy your trip down memory lane!

 3. Happy Birthday Facebook


Last week Facebook was celebrating its 9th birthday of which you can read more at All Facebook where Justin Lafferty has a brief look back over the past 9 years. Just in case you were sitting there thinking Mr Zuckberg was undeserving of such tremendous success then spend a moment considering the news shared on Mashable earlier this week that actualy Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan are among the 50 “most generous” donors of 2012, according to a new list.

 4. Make Payments by Tweet

Money, it’s so inconvenient at times, we are much more used to paying with our cards and of course paying online, so why not pay by tweet? This is exactly what American Express have been developing, it is not yet available but looks as though it may not be far away, so hop over to the Guardian and find out about it will work. 

Google+ Content Priority5. Google+ Content is given priority in Search

We have all long suspected that having a presence on Google+ is going to provide a boost in search rankings, much speculation has taken place but now Eric Schidmt (Google boss) has confirmed in his new book “The New Digital Age” that Google+ content is being given greater priority. You can read more over at The Drum.

6. Latest Pew Study Results

Studies are really useful for giving us a glimpse into what is really happening online with the different social networks and the recent Pew Study results reveal some interesting facts about the Twitter community. You can read all about it over at All Twitter.

7. Happy Birthday YouTube 

We are celebrating another birthday this month, and it’s YouTube, which has been around for 8 years and it is hard to imagine life without YouTube as MindJuumpers reports. The video social network turned 8 on Valentines day and according to Mashable:

To celebrate the day of love, YouTube has compiled a list of videos for your viewing pleasure, from the most watched proposals and lessons on science of love to the cheesiest break-up ballads and love songs.

There is also a rather wonderful infographic doing the rounds that records the history of YouTube so far and what we can expect in the future. Watch the video below to remind yourself just how brilliant YouTube is.

8. The Harlem Shake 

So we all know about Gangnam style but are you up with the Harlem Shake? If not you need to take a look at this post by Mashable. You will see that not only Google but also Facebook have been joining the craze!

9. Infographic of the Fortnight

Well, it had to be love themed didn’t it being so close to Valentines day but it has a serious message at it’s heart: Content at the Heart of Digital Marketing.

10. Valentines day or should I say Valenvines day?

It would seem that Vine was launched at just the right time if the brilliant vines we’ve seen this week are anything to go by. Twitter sent out a challenge on Valentines day for Tweeters to hashtag the best vines with #valenvines and there were some amazing videos, watch the Mashable Top 10. The Creative Business Red Square Agency took a step further creating Vines for Twitter users.


Social Media News and Updates – It’s been a Frosty Fortnight!

Dec 7, 2012   //   by Imogen Woodford   //   Blog  //  No Comments

We are now in the season of advent, time to contemplate and prepare for the period ahead. It is no great surprise then that a lot of bloggers and businesses are taking a look back at the year that was and predicting what lays  ahead for technology and social media in 2013. I’m sure you too will be carrying out your own reviews and making plans so do keep your eyes open for the thought leaders posts about what is likely to trend. Anyway, back to today and more specifically the past fortnight as we take a look at what note worthy events, updates and changes have been occurring in the social realm.

1. Movember at LinkedIn

A Social Movember A collective sigh from the women of the world could be heard around the globe last week as hundreds of thousands of men picked up a razor and removed the mo’s they had been tending throughout the month of November. I personally had conversations with a range of men that were feeling sad about the impending removal but most reported that their partners were actually counting down the days! It was all for a very worthy cause and I’m sure many of our readers joined in so congratulations to all who raised funds. You will be pleased to hear that LinkedIn joined in and I think it is fair to say the MoBros and MoSistas really went for it sharing videos, pictures and even an inforgraphic about all their Mo activity – a great example of Social done brilliantly. You can read all about it at the LinkedIn blog and watch the video below.

2. Instagram steps back from Twitter Connection

Do you love sharing your Instagram images on Twitter? I do! Up until this point it has been a really easy, smooth process, almost dream like but this week that all changed. Commentators declare that there is some “history” between Twitter and Instagram and this is now being played out to the users detriment. We have seen Twitter severe connections with a number of applications recently but this latest disconnect has come from Instagram. You can read all about it at Social Media Today. Essentially what you need to know is that your pictures are still going to be shared to Twitter, from Instagram, but they will be oddly cropped and will be shared as a link as opposed to as an embedded image. Why are these changes happening? According to The Wall:

Instagram has said it made the move because it wants people to views pictures on a new Instagram web presence it is building rather than viewing them on Twitter.

3.Google+ Communities

If you have been into Google+ recently you may have noticed a new  arrival on your side bar. Communities have landed! Google announced this new development a couple of days ago on the Google Blog but they are essentially being billed by early adopters as the Google+ equivalent of Facebook Groups. Communities provide like minded users the opportunity to gather together and discuss the subjects they are passionate about.  I have had a brief look around and have already found a number of interesting communities to join. So watch the video below and join a community!

4. Facebook Bids Farewell to Subscribing

About a year ago Facebook bought in a new feature, whereby if you didn’t want to, or weren’t able to “friend” someone on Facebook you coudl instead “subscribe” to that persons news. Now the vocabulary has changed, you are no longer subscribing but following. Find out why and find out more at Mashable.

5. Twitter Trends from More Locations

If you want to stay up to date with what is trending on Twitter then you can go to the Home page and see what people are talking about. This has until very recently been incredibly general locataions.  Yesterday the news broke that Twitter have updated their locations, we now have 12 more cities to choose from in the UK. You can read all about it al The Wall.

6. Giving Tuesday

I do enjoy these sorts of social media achievements  whereby organisations stop and address the bigger picture by giving something back. You can read all about #GivingTuesday at the Simon Mainwaring blog or watch the video below and plan what you can do next year.

7. Instagram badges

Since their arrival as a web based service Instagram have really upped the level of their development. Due to popular demand Instagram have now created badges so you can let all your social media communities know about your presence on Instagram. To find out how to add a badge pop over to the Techcrunch blog for clear guidance.

8. Google Author Rank

Over the last couple of weeks many blogs have been lit up with talk of AuthorRank. So what is it? Over to the experts at Social Media Today:

With AuthorRank, content quality will not be measured by the authority of a domain alone. The online relevance and clout of a person that authored the content will now be the basis in getting it ranked. With this in mind, an author’s online reputation will grade them and use that when users search for relevant content.

In essence search engines will be looking at who is writing the content as much as what the content is about. If you visit Social Media Today you will find some useful preparation techniques and guidance on how to be ready for AuthorRank.

9. Infographic of the Fortnight

We are often told which is the largest social network and how all the major networks rank in size but this infographic takes a different view point and looks at how much time is spent on each site. Very interesting! To see the full infographic visit All Facebook.


10. Talk to the Pope on Twitter

If you have questions for the Pope you know have a way to reach him – via Twitter. Read all about it over at All Twitter or visit @Pontifex .

This Fanfare Fortnight in Social Media

Sep 14, 2012   //   by Imogen Woodford   //   Blog  //  No Comments

Back to school, back to work, back to routine and back to normality. Yes, the summer is slipping away and we are heading straight towards autumn, which we are promised is going to be particularly colourful this year due to the weather conditions. So, I shall be positioning myself at Westonbirt Arboretum next month with my camera ready to capture the moment. Autumn leaves aside, this fortnight has heralded exciting news from all sorts of directions and this week particularly has seen some very significant announcements. All will be revealed as you read on…

1. 4G Announced

Not strictly social media news but technology that will have a direct impact on how we share and connect with one another in the very near future. So what is 4G and what does it actually mean? It stands for 4th Generation mobile network and is all to do with the speed and connectivity we will have available to us via our mobile phone. You can read all about it at the BBC News site where you can watch Rory Clellan Jones demonstrating the difference in speed. This is an incredible technological development and one I am very much looking forward to having access to. You can also visit PC Advisor where all your questions about 4G are answered. The map to the left shows the 16 main cities in the UK that will initially have access to 4G.


2. LinkedIn Revamps Company Pages – Simpler and more Visual

Do you maintain or administrate a company page on LinkedIn? If so you are about to witness a minor transformation, the new changes are being rolled out this week for selected organisations. You can have a look at the following LinkedIn pages to get an idea of what to expect: PhilipsCitiHP and Dell . The updates are designed to make it easier for companies to engage and build relationships with their followers but also for individuals to find relevant information on company pages. I am very excited about this development and think it will make the LinkedIn experience better for everyone. You can read all about the changes at the LinkedIn blog.

3. Twitter Tunes up for Targeted Ads

Have you been paying much attention to the promoted tweets that occasionally show up in your Twitter stream? No? Maybe that’s because they are not that relevant to you. Well, that is all about to change as Twitter have announced that they are going to allow advertisers to target specific demographic groups on Twitter. To find out how, you can read this post over at the Guardian.

4. More LinkedIn Changes

It’s true, LinkedIn has been non-stop with updates and enhancements over the past few weeks. The main changes include a bigger profile picture and the moving around of information, but probably the most significant change is the addition of a notification alert, something that every other social network has had for a while.  You can read about the profile changes at the LinkedIn blog or for a more personal reflection visit Social Media Today.

5. iPhone 5 Arrives

Did you notice? There was just a small amount of information surrounding the launch of the new iPhone, the Social Media Incubator is a great source of fact and detail, but if, like me, you prefer a song then I have a treat for you:

6. New Targeting feature on Facebook

Yes, more targeting, but this time it’s Facebook, and applicable to those pages with over 100 thousand fans, not every page then, but status updates can now be shared with a certain group of people and this post on Ignite Social Media explains scenarios in which this could be useful.

7. Klout Update

In my last post I told you about the major Klout update, well social media fans have been mulling over what this means to us all and here are some thoughts from Media Bisto. The man to set us all straight is Klout’s CEO; Joe Fernandez, on this Mashable video you can watch him being interviewed by Brian Solis about how you can improve your digital klout.

8. Instagram and Pinterest Tell us a Story

We all love a story and a visual story is even better. MindJumpers share a brilliant case study with us all about one brands use of these social tools to develop a successful campaign.

9. Infographic of the Fortnight

10. Doctors use Facebook to Diagnose Illness

Now I’m not altogether sure I would trust a Doctors diagnosis over Facebook, but for some it seems to work well, and correct diagnosis have been made. Read all about it at All Facebook.

This Forgettable Fortnight in Social Media

Jul 13, 2012   //   by Imogen Woodford   //   Blog  //  No Comments

As fortnights go, it’s not been tremendously exciting in social media, a bit like the british weather – completely underwhelming,  however, I have managed to find some stories to entertain and illuminate so fear not. Despite the lack of the crucial summer ingredient (the sun) our fortnightly update will be taking a break for the summer, we will be back in a month when we will be returning to our normal fortnightly review. Have an enjoyable summer, in the meantime here’s the news:

1. Facebook Ads Investigated

This morning it was revealed, via Rory Cellan-Jones on the BBC website, that actually Facebook Ads and the resulting Facebook Likes don’t actually add a tremendous amount of value. The revelation follows a BBC investigation into the use of Facebook Ads. You can read more and watch a video over at the BBC website.

2. 02 Demonstrates Inspired Social Media Response

Are you an 02 customer? If so, it is highly likely that your mobile service may have been affected earlier in the week. The news was full of distraught people lost without their phone connection. We shall not speculate here as to what actually happened but when furious with a company, how can you best express that frustration? Well through Twitter of course! Many people took to the social network to vent their spleen but what is far more interesting is the way the 02 employees dealt with those tweets. The Guardian explored 02’s use of Twitter in this crisis situation.

3. Twitter and LinkedIn Break Their Connection

Have you been wondering why your tweets are no longer showing up on your LinkedIn profile? Nearly two weeks ago the news was shared that Twitter had decided to no longer support the connection, times they are a changing! You can still share a status update from LinkedIn on Twitter but the reverse is no longer true. I, for one am rejoicing at this update but not everyone is as happy. You can read more at All Twitter.

4. The First Social Games

Have you seen this brilliant countdown clock to the Olympics? it is now just 14 days before the Olympics kick off and aside from hoping that this rain WILL stop we are all preparing ourselves, none more so than the social media world.  The London 2012 games are gaining the title of the worlds “first social games” as reported by Mashable. The post takes a great comparative look at the state of key social networks in 2008 compared to 2012.  Ken Mueller over at Social Media Today shares some great advice and information on how to follow the Olympics on various different apps and sites.

5. Twitter Improves it’s Search

There has been very few significant updates to the social networks recently, I think everyone has gone on holiday! However, it seems the Twitter employees are hard at it as they have improved their search capability. We are not beyond making the odd spelling mistake in our search criteria but Twitter is now making allowances for our human weaknesses and is going so far as to autocomplete. You can read about “simpler search” at Mashable. For a post that brings great clarity to these latest updates visit Ragan Social Media.

 6. A Social Wimbledon

Wasn’t Wimbledon exciting this year with our very own Andy Murray in the final? It was a great tournament and the social media world was very engaged with what was happening throughout all the games and matches, but who had the most social media support? Over 3 million tweets have been analysed and the results are shared in this infographic or you can read more over at The Guardian.

7. Hootsuite Hits 4 Million Users

If you’re looking for a social media management tool then Hoostsuite is a very good choice. This seems to be a common opinion as All Twitter shared the news that Hootsuite now has more than 4 million users. To celebrate this achievement an infographic has been created and will supply you with intriguing informagtion about Hootsuite users.

8. Buy Movies at Youtube

We have been able to rent feature movies through YouTube for a while now, but the company recently announced that users are now able to buy TV shows and movies through the site and play them back through YouTube as many times as desired. Read all about it at the official blog.

9. Infographic of the Fortnight

The infographic comes via Social Bakers and takes a look at the metrics of social media, especially those that relate to engagement.

Facebook, Phone 10. Yoga Instructor Crosses the Line

Imagine trying to ban Facebook employees from using Facebook! This is exactly what a brave yoga instructor tried to do when she led a class at Facebook HQ. The result? She was fired. Read all about it at All Facebook.