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This *Ahem* Month in Social Media

Apr 20, 2012   //   by Imogen Woodford   //   Blog  //  No Comments

The weekly round up of news has been absent for the last month, did you miss me? So rather than a weeks review, this is actually going to be a monthly review of all that is new in the world of social media. Beyond this week this post will then become fortnightly to give you more of a chance to process and digest all the comings, goings and news flashes that you need to keep up to date with. Please feel free to join in and add your comments, observations or news worthy stories in the comments at the end of the post. So what has been happening over Easter? Let’s take a look:

1. Facebook Buys Instagram

Did you hear the news that Facebook have acquired Instagram for $1 Billion. So as thousands of people around the world kick themselves for not coming up with a similar concept the 9 employees at Instagram are preparing to join the Facebook team. You can read more about the story at Mashable or you can read Kyle Lacy’s views on the pros and cons of the acquisition.

2. Google+ Improvements and Adverts

Was it just me or were you really excited to see Google+ advertised on TV over the last couple of weeks? It certainly provoked conversation amongst my friends and neighbours, for many of them it was the first they knew of Google’s social network. This is the first time they have advertised on UK TV and it was interesting to note that the advertising campaign was significantly different than the equivalent american version. You can see the UK version below.

As the advert was being rolled out Google were also busy updating Google+ if you haven’t logged on for a while you will notice that it looks slightly different and actually moving between pages is much easier – hurrah! You can read about the changes at the Google Blog which describes the changes as resulting in a simpler, more beautiful Google or at the Guardian. For a look at how these changes impact your business use of Google there is a great post over at Social Media Examiner worth a minute of your time.

3. Emails and Social Media Under Surveillance

Towards the beginning of April the news broke that the Government are planning on tuning into more of our electronic and digital communications. Will it pass through with little debate? I think not! You can read the low down over at the Guardian.

4. Pinterest updates its Terms and Conditions 

According to a recent report Pinterest is now the third most popular social network, sitting just behind Facebook and Twitter, and out stripping LinkedIn and Google+. So, it was probably time that they did something about that irksome copyright matter, and the good news is – they have! You can read about all the updates over at Mashable - I am very relieved and am now back using it again, did I tell you how much I love it?

5. LinkedIn Updates Group Search

It’s not that often that we hear much from our friends at LinkedIn but earlier this month they shared the news on their blog that the Group Search facility has been updated, making it easier to find the conversations that matter to you. I think we have all long been aware of the benefit of joining in with groups on LinkedIn but this new search facility is going to make it all much easier.

6. Friends Reunited Relaunched

Do you remember Friends Reunited? It was that really popular networking site that ruled the roost before the arrival of Facebook. I’m afraid I must confess to being one of those fickle users who ran straight into the arms of Facebook, abandoning Friends Reunited and never looking back. However Friends Reunited are fighting back with a relaunch with a strong nostalgia focus. Will it work, what do you think? Read all about it at the BBC or watch the video below.

7. Klout Squad Pages

Klout, love it or hate it, is not going away. Recently they launched a new initiative – Squad Pages, which is all about measuring brand influence. Red Bull have already signed up and are the first to have a Squad Page. You can read all about it at All Twitter.

8. Actionable Social Analytics

I do love a sturdy white paper and here is one such paper complete with an infographic of the findings – a perfect combination from where I’m sitting! Shared by Mike Lewis over at Social Media Today the paper introduces a  Social Analytics Framework for Marketing and Sales Effectiveness. The suggestion is that you can use this framework to determine KPI’s according to marketing objective. For a summary of the paper you can also head over to MindJumpers.

9. Infographic of the Month

This month I have an amazing quick reference guide for all social media experts with the main social networks summed up brilliantly, it’s bright, clear and fantastically informative have a look at The Social Media Expert.

10. William Shatner Dines Twitter Follower

Here’s a heart warming story courtesy of All Twitter. On reaching 1 million followers on Twitter the legend that is William Shatner decided to celebrate by taking his 1 millionth follower (and his wife) out to dinner, I like his style! When I reach my 1 millionth follower I think I will follow suit!