What are the functions of the different accessories of the pressure washer? A useful guide by giraffetools.com

What are the functions of the different accessories of the pressure washer? A useful guide by giraffetools.com

The emergence of high-pressure cleaners has helped us solve many cleaning problems. A well-functioning device needs different accessories to interact to complete the work. Different accessories have different functions. Understanding the functions of different accessories can help us better of the equipment used. The giraffetools.com will introduce the functions of different accessories for you in detail.

1. High-pressure nozzle

The high-pressure nozzle has one or more nozzles built-in as an accessory of the high-pressure cleaner. The high-pressure nozzle limits the flow area of ​​the water and accelerates the speed of the water flow. The nozzle will directly affect the pressure and efficiency of the equipment. The small spray area generally has a higher pressure. Therefore, there are more and more rotating nozzle accessories on the market. The rotating nozzle does not increase the pressure, but controls the spray angle in a form of movement, to cover a larger area.

2. High-pressure pump

The high-pressure pump can be said to be the heart of the high-pressure cleaner and is a very important component. The high-pressure pump is mainly used to increase the water pressure and deliver the high-pressure water to the high-pressure water gun or the high-pressure nozzle. At present, the high-pressure pumps equipped with equipment on the market are either mobile or fixed, generally in the form of positive displacement plunger pumps to ensure a constant flow to the equipment.

3. Seals

The seal is mainly used to prevent leakage at the position of the high-pressure pump. During use, the water circulation system of the equipment can be used to lubricate the seal to prevent leakage. When the wear is serious or the equipment pressure drops, we need to replace the seals. Generally, new high-pressure pumps have larger frictional resistance.

4. Crankcase

The crankcase is important driving equipment, and it rarely fails during use. If you pay attention to maintenance in daily use, it can be replaced once a year. Such accessories are generally due to aging and deterioration caused by excessive temperature or oil seal leakage.

5. Filter element

The water inlet filter is mainly used to protect the equipment. During use, some dust, debris, and sand can easily damage the valve and piston, so we can use the filter cloth and the water flow to suit the size and ensure regular inspection.

6. High-pressure water gun

The high-pressure water gun is an accessory with a trigger-operated ball valve as the core. It is connected to the discharge end of the high-pressure pump through a high-pressure hose. It is a frequently used accessory for high-pressure cleaners. The high-pressure water gun can discharge the pressure in the form of a control valve. When the valve is closed, pay attention to discharge the high-pressure water to the atmosphere, then it is an overflow-type high-pressure gun.

The above six categories are the main accessories of pressure washer equipment. Our operators should understand the function of different accessories. Moreover, they should do a good job in the maintenance and maintenance of accessories during daily use.