Things you should know about electric bikes

Things you should know about electric bikes

An electric bike allows one to ride for longer periods of time without feeling sweaty.  These bikes are different from the normal ones as they include an added battery pack which makes it easier to ride them, not to mention how eco-friendly these are as they can be operated on solar energy. The technological progress in this era has made even your biking experience a lot more fun with lesser strain on your body. Read the article to know more about used electric bikes for sale, their modes, motor locations, and battery types. Also, in this article, you will get to know where you can buy your own electric bike to enjoy its features.

Different modes Of Motor On E-Bikes

In this section of the article, you will read about the different modes of an electric bike so you can choose which one suits you the best.

E-Bike With Throttle Mode

This is also known as the ‘power-on-demand’ mode or simply ‘throttles’. This is the easiest mode of the electric bike where you can skip the pedaling part, the bike does it all for you and you just have to direct the bike where to turn.

E-Bike With Assistance Mode

Such e-bikes are also known as the ‘pedal electric bikes’. These types of bikes only assist you in the peddling, while you have to pedal yourself and you can control the power of the bike too.

E-Bike with Both Modes

These e-bikes are equipped with both the modes – the throttle mode and the assistance mode. You need to operate the pedal and can get a boost by the throttles. Note that you cannot use both the modes at the same time but need to switch between them.

Different Location Of Motor on E-Bikes

Electric bikes can be characterized into two types when it comes to the location of the motor. The following points of difference can assist you to choose the e-bike which suits you the best.

Hub Motor

This type of electric bike has a motor built into one of its wheels, therefore transmitting energy directly to the wheels. These can further be characterized into two – a front hub motor and a rear hub motor. The front hub motor has the motor in the front wheel while the other one has it in the rear or back wheel.

Mid-drive Motor

This type of electric bike has its motor in the pedals, and it does not transmit the energy to the wheels directly which makes operating this type of bike a little more difficult than hub-motored bikes. Riding this bike can feel like riding a normal bike, it needs an almost equal effort.

Battery Types On E-Bikes

To know about the types of batteries that can be used in an electric bike, head on to the following points.

Lead-Acid Battery

The lead-acid battery e-bikes are the original e-bike batteries and have the cheapest rates. This type of battery is for approximately 500 to 600 charging cycles. If you want to go for a more affordable battery, this is a better choice.

Lithium Ion Battery

The lithium-ion battery e-bikes are a little expensive but go a long way and have high energy density. This type of battery is for approximately 1000 charging cycles. If you want to go for a better battery but can bear to shake off a few more bucks from your pocket, this e-bike battery is a better choice for you.


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